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Other companies & products I love and recommend.


Color Street has completely changed the way I do my nails.  These are 100% Nail Polish strips, made here in the USA.  I no longer have to worry about smudging or smearing, and no longer need to wait for my nails to dry.  I have tried 'nail wraps' from other companies and there is no comparison.  Typical strips are like a vinyl sticker, difficult to properly fit, and often they lift and peel up after a couple of days. Color Street is different!

I made an introduction video to explain why I love them so much - you can see it   HERE:

To learn more, or to place an order visit

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I love stamping, and I love doing my nails.  Can you imagine my delight when I learned that I could stamp on my nails?  It is thanks to Maniology, a company based out of Hawaii.  There are only a few items needed to stamp your manicure:  Stamping Polish, Nail Plates, a Stamper and a Scraper Card.  Of course, there are plenty of extra fun things you can add, but those are the basics.  use my Discount Code for 10% off your order at "SusieKal10"

Last year I did a blog post explaining more about Nail Stamping, you can see that post HERE.  I didn't have too many stamped manicures under my belt at the time, but you can see some of my earlier attempts in that blog post.  The best news is that I can combine Color Street and Maniology - they work beautifully together!


I have been intrigued with essential oils for the longest time, but I have not always known what to do with them other than use a diffuser.  Then I found Young LivingSpecifically, it was my interest in Thieves Oil Blend that hooked me.  If you are also on the hunt for top quality essential oils you can see the website and order from my friend using this link HERE.

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