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Stamp your Manicure!

Did you know you can stamp on your nails? I discovered Maniology earlier this year and I love it. I am still very much a beginner, but I'm having a lot of fun. Here is my simple, one accent nail Halloween Manicure:

As you can see, the instructions are pretty simple, and supplies are few. I used Maniology plate #M032 for this Halloween image, and the colors Orange Dream & Bam!White.

Maniology was nice enough to give me a discount code for my friends - If you choose to order from Maniology use the code "SusieKal10" and you will receive 10% off all regularly priced items at!

I've found you can start with any nail polishes you have as your base color, but you do want to use Stamping Polishes for the detail work. So really all you need is a stamping plate, a scraper card, stamping polish and and your imagination.

As I mentioned, I'm a very much a beginner as you will see in these manicures. I sometimes get so excited a take a photo before I get it cleaned up! I didn't expect to share these photos originally :-) Here are some earlier manicures. I'll start with my favorite - the stars (even though my cuticles look horrible).

I plan to share more fun designs as I get better at it. Don't forget to use my discount code SUSIEKAL10 for a 10% discount at

Want to learn the basics of nail stamping? Click HERE for info from the Manilogy website, including a video.

Thanks for stopping by!


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